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Bidding Goodbye to the Old Year, Welcoming the New
In some parts of the world, as in most western countries and those of the Far East, the most important festive season is celebrated during the period of December to February. How do people welcome the New Year, and what other connotations are involved in the events?
The Green Heart of Taiwan- Alishan Mountain
When you think about Taiwan, 4000m high mountains aren′t the first thing that comes to your mind, but this small island is full of beautiful high mountain ranges. Near the tallest peak, the Yushan, is the Alishan, one of the most famous tourist spots. It is part of Chiayi county, which is also the richest of all Taiwan in terms of botanical variety.
A Tamsui Inhabitant’s Impressions
Tamsui was once an old fort, but now fresh seafood, interesting historic sites and picturesque sunsets make this coastal town a popular day trip. Tamsui is located at the north of Taipei. To go there by train takes about one hour from the city’s main station.
A Source for New Ideas: The "Eco-Library" in Beitou
Beitou is mostly known for it's hot springs, but also interesting is the Beitou library, 2007 built and seated in the 100 years old Beitou park. This library is considered as one of the environmentally friendliest buildings in Taiwan.
Things you have to know to be a CCU student
Temperament, Simplicity, Strength, Tenacity
Chinese Culture University (CCU) was founded in 1962. The founder of CCU, Prof. Dr. Chang Chi-Yun, laid out the founding ideals of CCU: to integrate the merits of the East and the West, while remaining up to date. He also set the guiding spirit of the University: “temperament, simplicity, strength and tenacity”, underlining the importance of a student’s mindful awareness of the significance of education and social responsibility in life.
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